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The Brief Introduction Of The School

The school is located at 7 Park Road in the downtown of ?Shengzhou.? It is a secondary professional school granted by the provincial government and established in 1984.It covers 12.68 mu, with 6326.37 square meters of constructing area. It has advanced teaching facilities and equipments such as computer rooms, a multi-media teaching ?terrace, an audio-visual reading room, a VOD ordering system, a? live classroom, a ground? satellite-receiving? station ,a campus network and the teaching web? of the school etc. This adjusts itself to? the training work for? the teachers and the presidents of? the high schools, primary schools and the ?infant? parks around the city and the continuous development of the educational background? education including? the teaching by correspondence of university and undergraduate course . In September 1999, the school was merged with ?Shengzhou ?work station, Zhejiang TV University, practicing a management operation mode of two? brands but one troupe. In the same year,? Shengzhou work station, ?Zhejiang TV University? formally changed its name to the branch school ?of ?Shengzhou, Zhejiang TV University in January,2000? after the valuation by the province Department of Education and the province TV ?university. The school now has 37 staff, among which 30 are full-time teachers.11 of them have the deluxe title, 17 have the medium class title and? 2 have the entry-level title. In addition, the school has? five ?fulltime? teaching classes of two professions, including? the Infant Education and Finance accountancy in the television particularly. The number of the students at school is 200.By rule, it carries on the firm and valid trying -out? period training for the teachers newly ?allotted ?to? middle schools, primary schools and? infant? parks .It carries on the training for the teachers from the city before the calculator application ability grade examination and the common speech grade test. It also carries on the principal training and the famous master and president training. The continuing education taking the school? training originally as the corpus is carried on, too. ?This year,? according to the requests of the upper department in charge of training teachers , the school started the project of promoting the characters of the teachers in the village primary and junior high schools ,thus? making ?itself become? the real gas station for teachers to continue their education.